NIMS/ICS/HICS training

the National Incident Management System (NIMS)

These training guidelines specify certain courses for all critical incident management resources, including volunteers. Several of the specified programs (Introduction to the National Incident Management System, Introduction to the Incident Command System, etc.) are available online at:

Advanced level ICS courses (ICS-300 and ICS-400) are not available as online programs at this time. Classroom training for these programs are a mainstay of training at The Blue Cell, LLC

NIMS and ICS Training

The Blue Cell, LLC provides training to include basic courses below:

  • IS-700… Introduction to the National Incident Management System
  • ICS-100… Introduction to the Incident Managment System
  • ICS-200… Basic Incident Command System
  • ICS-300… Intermediate Incident Command System
  • ICS-400… Advanced Incident Command System
  • IS-800… Introduction to the National Response Framework

A primary reason that Customers choose Command School TTX to instruct ICS-300 and ICS-400 is that a tabletop exercise can be incorporated into the training using the Command School TTX diorama.

HICS and Other Training

Command School TTX and its parent company, The Blue Cell, LLC have conducted “needs-specific” programs in a number of areas. Here is a listing of several of those training programs; each of our training offerings is created especially for your needs.

  • HICS-IV… The Hospital Incident Command System
  • Evacuation and re-entry planning
  • Managing people in disasters
  • Sheltering and community mass-care management
  • All hazards emergency planning for schools
  • NIMS executive workshop for elected officials
  • Crew resource management for your emergency responder teams
  • Understanding HSEEP guidelines and practices
  • School terrorism and mass casualty incidents
  • Tactical operations for law enforcement officers
  • Hazardous Materials and Terrorism Awareness for Dispatchers and 911 Operators

For the complete list of trainings and The Blue Cell, LLC  / Command School TTX catalogue click below:


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